July 22, 2013

Long overdue

So today while  I was at the pool with the kids, I started thinking about how long it's been since I've posted an update to the blog and decided that updating today was a must. I have missed several Top-Ten Tuesday posts, and other general musings while on this unintentional hiatus from the blogging world....this should not come as a surprise to those of you who might read this although I did do a better job of keeping things update this past spring than in years past.

Where to start is always somewhat tricky when I've taken a break although I have to say it's been a relatively quiet summer for us. The twins will be starting Kindergarten in about 2 1/2 weeks...I am not sure I'm ready for that, but have come to accept the inevitable in that they are going to grow up and no matter how hard I try sometimes, I have been unsuccessful at stopping time. If anyone figures that out, please share...(although I wouldn't want to stop it all the time....just at certain times. Sometimes I'd actually like to fast forward things...like when I have to go to the dentist or when I am stuck in traffic....that sort of thing.)

Both of my children have grown-up so much....they can both swim now unassisted, which makes pool time that much more enjoyable for me, they can ride their bikes without training wheels, and are becoming really good at their Math facts and sight words in preparation for school.

Brody lost another tooth last weekend, which makes his total count up to 2 teeth lost while Caroline is just starting to have a loose tooth. I suspect by Christmas time, Brody will be singing the song "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" and Caroline will have lost one or be about ready to lose one.  Just my predictions, but I'll keep you posted.

We recently added two new members to our family in the way of fish......Gilly-Gulpa (fish have gills and this particular fish looked like he was always gulping so this was the name Caroline chose) and Tiger (a very small striped fish named aptly so by Brody because he looks like a tiger). Sadly, Gilly-Gulpa (Caroline's fish) did not live very long and passed away this evening. It was somewhat tragic for my 5-year old daughter, as this was her first experience at losing a pet....though after a few minutes of mourning her loss she promptly replied to me "Mommy, Gulpa is in fish heaven but he'll always live in my heart so I won't be sad anymore.....can we buy me another fish tomorrow?" There really are no words sometimes for the things they say and their reasoning....I guess I'll be fish shopping tomorrow...hopefully this one will live a little longer.

The rest of the summer we've spent time poolside, at the beach, bowling, the zoo, Mayfield dairy farm, various splash pads around town, and some good old-fashioned playing in the yard and in the house with our toys and imaginations. I have to say, I am blessed to have two children that for the most part play so well together and are able to entertain themselves.

As summer draws to a close for me, I have to say it has been nice to rejuvenate and spend time with the kids....daily I am reminded that this time is short and will pass before I know it...one day I'll be wishing that they were around to ask me to play with them, read them a story, kiss their boo-boos, or simply just hold them as they still sometimes ask me to do. Of course, they have both assured me that they will always be here with me even when they're big....we'll see how that works out, but for now I'll take it!

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